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PokeIn Sample Projects  

  • Chat Sample ? Real time prices for stocks market on a web page? 
  • Reverse Ajax within a Silverlight Application?
  • ASP.NET Ajax Upload Sample?
  • ASP.NET MVC with PokeIn Ajax ? ASP.NET MVC Chat Project?
  • ASP.NET Ajax with SQL Database? Access database tables from client side?
  • ASP.NET Ajax with WCF Sample Project
  • Event Oriented Server Push sample for ASP.NET MVC
  • ASP.NET embedded MSDOS Console Sample
  • WCF Desktop controller for ASP.NET Web Application
  • PokeIn Cache Class Sample Project
  • Subscribe to/ Leave from the Channels sample
  • Multiple Server Support Sample
  • ASP.NET UpdatePanel Server Push Support
  • Joint Sample
  • PokeIn MONO sample project
  • ASP.NET MVC Razor samples for VB.NET and C#

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PokeIn ASP.NET WebSocket & Reverse AJAX Library .NET 2+, Mono 2.4+ Compatible!
  • Reverse AJAX & Server Push
  • Hybi00, Hybi10, Hybi17 RFC 6455 WebSocket Server
  • Intelligent Fail Recovery
  • Desktop Client Support
  • Java Client (Linux, OSX, Android, Embedded)
  • Objective-C Client ( IOS, OSX )
  • Secured Message Encoding (both sides)
  • Clone Message Attack Protection
  • Content Resource Manager / Delivery
  • ASP.NET MVC Compatible
  • Mono Runtime Support
  • Session Cloning Detection
  • Thread Safe Object Managers
  • Client Disconnection Detection
  • Apache 2.2+, Nginx, IIS 5+Compatible
  • Sleep Mode and Cross Domain Listeners
  • Automated Object Level Joint Capabilities
  • Silverlight Support
  • Dynamic Connection Management
  • Complete .NET to JSON Serialization
  • Subscribe / Leave Channels
  • Event / Message Ordering
  • Multiple Server Support
  • Load Balancer Support
  • Multi Core Management
  • Azure, EC2 etc. Compatible
  • Lightweight and cross-browser (150+ browser versions)
    (IE, FireFox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, IOS, Android, ....)
  • WCF & .NET Remoting Support
  • Unlimited Concurrent Connections (Cluster Support)

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