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What is PokeIn?

Simply, PokeIn allows your server-side to communicate with your client side whenever it's necessary. Technically, it's a Reverse AJAX & WebSocket library that directly calls JavaScript functions from any C#/VB.NET server side and C#/VB.NET functions from browsers, DesktopClients, native mobile applications, PhoneGap apps, and numerous others. It's packed with features, like a built-in WebSocket server, event ordering, resource management, exception handling, marshaling, AJAX upload control, Mono compatibility, scalable server push, Base64 encoded messages, cross-domain support and more!

PokeIn is compatible with Mono and all .NET versions (>1.1).  With PokeIn, you can use call client methods from the server (or vice versa) instead of just sending text messages.

PokeIn generates dynamic JavaScript code from a .NET class, allowing you to call them as if you're calling a method from the same process.

It also organizes connections and generates server-side object instances for each client so that you can stay informed about interactions with any specific target. PokeIn even tracks the connection state of each client, letting you know when any of your users have disconnected. It groups the client side connections by server-side session IDs, so you know how many active views occur in any given session. 

We know how painful it can be to manage media resources for a web/network application. To resolve the hassle, PokeIn creates a channel between the client and server-side static resource. It can be configured to manage these resources for each specific client session and/or application wide! When you assign a server-side resource to one of the clients, PokeIn tracks that resource and cleans it from the memory as soon as the owner client has disconnected.

PokeIn also provides support for secure channels (with options for view-specific decoding and session/view cross-check). It offers you full control over communication handlers so that you're able to add even more security controls into these layers.

PokeIn is a comprehensive solution, offering many features that any web, mobile, desktop, or embedded application may need. It has been used in the development of many projects, including banking apps, games, and services!

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